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Washington Post - Top business leaders, 27 governors, education leaders urge Congress to boost computer science education

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Code.org - Idaho funds $2M expansion of computer science in K-12 schools!

Code.org - Virginia is adding computer science to every K-12 school

Code.org - Rhode Island announces a plan to teach every student computer science

TechCrunch - Computer science is now a high school graduation requirement in Chicago

Code.org - Governors form new partnership to expand computer science education

New York Times - Teaching Bronx students the language of computers

US News & World Report - Republican and Democratic governors urge every state to support K-12 computer science

TIME - Arkansas Gov: All high schools should teach computer science

White House - President Obama announces Computer Science for All

LinkedIn - Worldwide, the most-demanded skills are in computer science

GeekWire - President Obama wants computer science for every student — so how close are we?

Code.org - Code.org, ACM, and CSTA launch effort to guide educators and policymakers on K-12 computer science

Wall Street Journal - New education bill to get more coding in classrooms

Code.org - US law adds computer science to "well-rounded education" subjects

Mashable - Tim Cook crashes Hour of Code, calls for fundamental changes in education

NASDAQ - Hour of Code rings the NASDAQ market opening bell

Seattle Times - Nadella gives Seattle kids a hand with coding

USA Today - Google, Pixar team for 'Inside Out' coding tutorial

Associated Press - Growing push to expose students to computer science

LA Times - Apple Stores to host free Hour of Code for kids on Dec. 10

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Code.org - Seeking volunteers for the best Hour of Code ever

Code.org - Computer science is finally included in “STEM”

Fortune - Microsoft to invest $75 million in computer science education

New York Times - New York City to announce 10-year deadline to offer computer science to all students

TechCrunch - Google/Gallup study: Computer science is not a priority for most schools

USA Today - Code.org trains 15,000 teachers in computer science

Code.org - 15,000 new computer science teachers

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The Irish Independent - Ireland's head of state learns an Hour of Code

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Washington Post - Chicago schools add computer science to the core curriculum

USA Today - How to get more girls to code: Use Frozen's Elsa

Code.org - Announcing an Hour of Code with Anna and Elsa from Disney’s “Frozen”

NBC Bay Area - Press:Here, Hour of Code

Code.org - A mystery Hour of Code in Washington, DC

Code.org - Celebrities & role-models will welcome classrooms to the Hour of Code

Tech Crunch - Nobel Peace Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai Urges Girls To Participate In Code.org’s Hour Of Code

Los Angeles Times - Code.org and Los Angeles schools announce sweeping partnership

Wall Street Journal - Companies hope to introduce coding to 100 million students

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San Francisco Chronicle - Computer science not just a game for San Francisco schools

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Harvard Crimson - Computer Science logs record-breaking enrollment at Harvard

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Code.org - Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel supports computer science

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Bloomberg Businessweek - Business schools to MBA students: Learn to code

Code.org - Seeing our impact: A record year for computer science

Code.org - Vice President Joe Biden urges governors to work with Code.org

USA Today - National survey: 95% of computer science grads secure jobs after graduation

New York Times - Computing in the classroom: Teach it as early as possible

New York Times - Reading, writing, arithmetic, and now, coding

The Economist - A is for algorithm: a global push for more computer science

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Code.org - The UK Hour of Code is here!

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TechCrunch - 2 Weeks And 600M+ Lines Of Code Later, 20M Students Have Learned An “Hour Of Code”

All Things D - 15 million students learned to program this week, thanks to the Hour of Code

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CBS Los Angeles - UCLA, LAUSD help kick off national Computer Science Education Week

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Chicago Tribune - Chicago Public Schools partners with Code.org to add computer science as core subject

Apple.com - An Hour of Code in every Apple Store in the US

Code.org - President Obama calls on every American to learn computer science

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New York Times Bits Blog - Tech rivals lay down arms for youth coding

Code.org - Code.org introduces "Hour of Code" campaign to inspire 10 million students to learn to code

WIRED - Forget foreign languages and music. Teach our kids to code.

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