Angela Garcia Pena and Crystal Reynaga

Champion for Computer Science - Innovation Award (Student Category)

Florence Nightingale Middle School (Los Angeles, CA)

Using an Adafruit, Crystal Reynaga and Angela Johana Garcia Pena developed a GPS connected wristband that paired with a mobile app to help parents monitor their young children. They were featured in La Opinion and Telemundo, two Spanish language news media outlets. And they were also invited to film a segment of Math@Work with the stars of Shark Tank.

Crystal Reynaga and Angela Garcia Pena
Crystal Reynaga and Angela Garcia Pena

Students in Crystal and Angela’s classes have developed many mobile apps that have a social impact. One group created an app to help people with hearing impairments communicate with others. Another group programmed an app that helped people keep track of their water usage in order to limit water waste.

Angela Garcia Pena
Angela Garcia Pena showing off their wristband

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