Shreya Shekhar

Champion for Computer Science - Innovation Award (Student Category)

BASIS Independent Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA)

Shreya's interest in STEM started early and was further inspired when she took advanced computer courses and did projects involving Arduino and App-Inventor. As founder of her programming club, CodeCats, mentor for GirlsWhoCode, and teacher at MathandCoding.org, Shreya has inspired young minds to learn programming skills in Java, Python, and algorithm development.

Shreya Shekhar
Shreya Shekhar

Shreya pursued a research internship at the University of California San Francisco, where she not only enhanced her knowledge in genomics but also gained tremendous insight into the usage of computational techniques in the treatment of diseases. By learning R programming language and its use in data sciences, she was able to build a tool which assesses patient RNA sequences to predict the existence of certain pharmacogenomic biomarkers assisting in personalized treatments for effective management of cancer. Her application of Artificial Intelligence techniques such as Machine Learning to analyze genetic datasets obtained from Cancer Genome Atlas helped increase accuracy in deriving models that could predict the best drug regime. Currently, she is writing a research paper with the intention of contributing to cancer treatments.

Shreya is currently a junior at Basis Independent Silicon Valley School, and has an appreciation for volunteering in summer camps to teach programming, dance, and art to kids, Shreya received the President's Volunteer Service Gold Award. She balances her technical interests with activities like Indian classical Bharatanatyam dance.

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