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Seaside High School conceived its CS for All vision in 2013. At the time, a nearby university was offering scholarship opportunities for students studying computer science, and despite having a school full of students who could benefit from the offer, Seaside noticed that none of their students were going into the program after graduation. As such, the high school realized it needed to provide opportunities for students to learn computer science ahead of college, and began offering courses.

Over the next three years, these courses rapidly grew in popularity and today, Seaside High School has 635 students enrolled in a computer science class. Better yet, after making some tweaks, the CS for All program is more inclusive than ever, and accurately reflects the school’s demographics: 70% of CS learners are Hispanic, 11% are African American, 8% are White, 6% are Filipino. 74% of CS learners qualify for free/ reduced lunch, and 16% are English language learners. As more students get to engage with computer science, their opportunities after high school grow as well.

"Not only are our students successful academically, they’re also accessing high paying professions and turning around the community, not just the school," explains Tessa Brown, a teacher at Seaside. "Eventually our kids will transform the community by being able to change the economic situation of their families."

Next, the high school hopes to extend computer science opportunities to their juniors and seniors as well by partnering with a local college to implement a co-enrollment program. This would allow juniors and seniors to start earning prerequisite credits through a computer science pathway and ultimately, continue their interest in computer science throughout their time at Seaside.

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