Participation Kit - for Computer Science Teachers

In addition to the Hour of Code, here are some things you can do to celebrate CSEdWeek. NOTE: Please celebrate CS Education throughout the year, with highlighted activities whenever it’s convenient for you, your students, your school.

What are you doing for CSEdWeek?

How can you promote computer science during CS Ed Week 2014?

1) Host an event

Sample Events
Competition Career Awareness
Awards Ceremony Presentations
Hands on Gaming

2) Engage your students

Sample Activities
Grades K-2 Grades 3-5
Middle School High School

3) Involve others

  • Any group can host a CSEdWeek event, whether it is a church, boy scouts, local university, library, YMCA, veterans association, or labor union. If you have connections to any such organizations, reach out to them, send them a participation guide, and encourage them to visit http://csedweek.org and participate.
  • Make sure to see NCWIT's 10 ways to recruit girls to CS for ideas on activities to grow participation by women.
  • Provide topics for discussion on how computer science impacts the disciplines at your school. (English, Math, Science, World Language, Dance, Theater, Arts, …)
  • Bring other teachers and administrators into the conversation by asking them to host a discussion on how computer science impacts their discipline
  • Meet with your middle school to show the course offerings and importance of CS education to them. Start with one of these videos.

4) Garner Support

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Sample Events


  • Problem Solving Competition
  • Poster Session
  • Design a music video competition and present to a larger group of students
  • Have a robot tug-of-war - students design and build robots for a tug-of-war
  • Nightly challenges students submit online. First correct submission wins a prize.

Career Awareness

  • Reach out to your local four year CS department chair about having your students visit a university.
  • Reach out to your local chamber of commerce to have students visit a local employer that depends on computing professionals.
  • Invite alumni who are working in a CS-related career (keep it broad) to come talk to students. Several alumni from various occupations works well.
  • Have students interview their parents and grandparents. Ask them how computing has impacted their lives. Then have students provide their own perspectives on how computing has impacted their lives.
  • Find a local Computer Science Teachers Association Chapter and plan a joint event

Awards Ceremony

  • Hold a birthday party to celebrate Grace Hopper’s birthday, December 9. Use it as a way to celebrate the role of women in Computer Science.
  • Hold a raffle, where students can win prizes, announce certificate awards for CS accomplishments.
  • Find a local vendor to sponsor a “give away” for awards


  • Do an open house of your course offerings for parents, explain how CS connects to 21st century jobs. Host a tour of your computer facility with students as guides
  • Engage a speaker on a Computer Science topic Have students demonstrate the work that they have been doing
  • Arrange a student visit to a neighboring school to demonstrate what you have been doing and see their work
  • Set up a technology fair
  • Find a local Computer Science Teachers Association Chapter and plan a joint event
  • Have a movie evening (Suggested titles: War Games, TRON, Social Network)

Hands On

  • Include your students’ families by inviting them to school to learn about CS. Some examples: Have a “Scratch Day” where parents come and learn Scratch from you and your students.
  • Declare a “Bring your own device day” to solve computational problems available online, show your favorite game and explain how computing makes that game possible, etc.
  • Set up a workshop for a specific topic: Scratch, Alice, Green Foot where students can try their hand at designing
  • Hold a Twitter event


  • Find a local university with a game design class and volunteer to test and critique the games
  • Have a “Game Hour” where students can play and compare their favorite games
  • Invite students to compete in a specific set of games

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Sample Activities

Grades K-2

Grades 3-5

Middle School

High School

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