Host a CS Tech Jam community event

Help us grow the celebration of computer science by hosting a computer science or coding event in your community.

Or, check out the resources below for ideas:

TechJam with Girl Scouts of Greater New York and Vidcode!

Create your own video greeting card with code! Learn one of the most popular web programming languages - JavaScript - as you create video filters and effects. At the end of the TechJam you will have a customized video that you can share with friends and on our Computer Science Education Week Hall of Fame community!

Go beyond one hour - try a 5-lesson unit with Codesters

Are you ready for the next step in Computer Science Education Week? This CSTechJam is a ready-to-use learning experience for students in grades 6 - 10 that guides students through creating fun games using real world design and programming skills. Students who participate in the Codesters CSTechJam will use Design Thinking as a framework to code a game that raises awareness about digital citizenship. The lessons focus on computational thinking and collaboration skills. Because it is aligned to ELA CCLS, NGSS, and CSTA standards, this course is suitable for a range of in-school or extracurricular settings. It can be run as a series of five, one-period sessions over the course of a week or as a five-hour hackathon event.

Try Pixel Hack by Kano

Creators of all ages learn to code in a real programming language and watch their commands come to life by drawing a sequence of 13 pictures with code. They’ll learn along the way about video game art history from Pong and other retro games through 8-bit art and Minecraft, weaving together computer science with art, history, and storytelling. The implementation is flexible––you can spend 30 minutes or a few hours over one or multiple sessions. Learners can complete Pixel Hack on their own using guidance within the challenges, or you can turn Pixel Hack into an instructor-led journey, with a comprehensive educator manual full of suggestions. Students will be encouraged to add their own creative flair by hacking our challenges, to earn the Pixel Hacker Certificate.

Try a week of 3D coding with AgentCubes

Students use the online 3D tool AgentCubes, which runs on any WebGL enabled browser (i.e. Chrome) with an Internet connection, to create an epidemiology simulation. This activity takes about a week of class-time (assuming 50 minute classes with time to get settled etc, and ~30 minutes of actual work) and can bridge easily bridge to disciplines outside of CS. There are two activities involved in this Tech-Jam: A CS Unplugged Activity and a Programming activity. The age-range for this activity is sixth grade to college students.

If you like Algebra, try an Hour of Code with Bootstrap

Bootstrap leverages students' excitement around videogames to teach algebraic concepts through programming. Bootstrap has partnered with school, districts and organizations across the country to bring the curriculum to tens of thousands of students. And because every child takes math - no matter their gender, class, age or interest - Bootstrap reaches thousands of girls and underrepresented students each year.

See a list of all tutorials for the Hour of Code

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