Educator Resources for Advanced Placement Computer Science A

There are two AP computer science offerings, and students can take either course in any order. The AP Computer Science A course and exam focuses on computing skills related to programming in Java. The new AP Computer Science Principles course complements AP Computer Science A as it aims to broaden participation in the study of computer science.

While Code.org does not currently offer an AP Computer Science A curriculum, there are already many great curricula and programs available to teachers and students. Especially if you are an existing AP CS Principles teacher looking to expand your CS program, these resources should be a great place to start.

Learn more about the AP Computer Science A course and exam at the College Board website

Advanced Placement Summer Institute (APSI)

To get an overview of the course and exam, Advanced Placement Summer Institutes are available for the AP CS A course. College Board–endorsed presenters lead participants through a review of materials including course outlines, content-related handouts, student samples, and scoring guidelines that focus on specific pedagogical techniques and content-specific strategies that you can use in your classroom. Learn more & find workshops

AP Computer Science A Curriculum Providers

Organization Curriculum Cost Professional Development & Support
A+ Computer Science $535 in year 1, $325 for renewal Half-day, full-day, and multi-day Computer Science workshops available upon request
CodeHS FREE. Pro plans for schools start at $2500 30-40 hour online course, $1500/teacher
CompuScholar 6+ courses including AP CS A. Multiple licensing options for all size schools or classes. Pre-approved AP CS A syllabus, FREE onboarding, FREE monthly webinars, FREE dedicated CSR for 1:1 support, FREE personal skill-building opportunities.
Edhesive AP Computer Science A - Java: This blended curriculum teaches object-oriented programming using the Java language and is meant to be the equivalent of a first semester, college-level course in computer science. AP CSA emphasizes problem solving and algorithm development and uses hands-on experiences and examples so students can apply programming tools and solve complex problems. $2500/site or $150/student 40-hour, self-paced online course; in-person PD available - please inquire. $1000 for full online PD course.
IMACS $19.95/student, 10-student minimum; $50/class annual setup fee Teacher support via IMACS Message Center, email, and telephone.

Full Curriculum + Professional Development Partnerships

The following organizations make partnerships at the school or district level to implement AP Computer Science A, often as part of a pathway of other courses.

Organization Curriculum Pathway & Cost Professional Development & Support
CodeHS FREE. Pro plans for schools start at $2500 30-40 hour online course, $1500/teacher
NMSI Year-long AP CS Principles/AP CS A course, FREE In-person summer training + 4 days of PD throughout the year. One-on-one mentoring available to partner schools, FREE
Project Lead The Way 3 courses, $2000/school 5 or 10-day in-person training, $1200 or $2400, depending on course
TEALS 3 courses, including AP CS A, FREE Program implemented by TEALS volunteers, $5000

Other Resources

Advanced Topics Summer Workshop

A free summer professional development workshop for teachers who want to learn what comes after AP CS A at the college level.

AP CS A Resources

An AP CS A teacher-curated list of links to recommended java courses, video tutorials, and practice problems


Explore collections of popular lessons, video micro-lectures, code snippets, programming environments, and more, all contributed by AP CS A teachers.

Assessment Support

Barron's Online Test Preparation

Free and complete AP CS A practice test with an auto-graded multiple choice portion.


Free response type coding problems with instant feedback.

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